The Graphics Connection family has powered the brands of many companies across various industries. Confidentiality is key to us and to our clients. We welcome you to contact us for a view of our authorized work.


"I’ve worked in the medical communications field for more than 20 years and with a vast array of creative teams. The crew at GCI rank at the highest level. Their customer service is superior, and their products invariably meet or exceed my expectations. They understand the particular needs of healthcare clients—that, for example, a graph is not just a picture; and client needs sometimes change. GCI accommodates changes as a matter of course, and with insight and good humor."


“The Graphics Connection recently created a very specific and detailed piece for me that required a lot of attention (to both the piece and me!). Carolynn created the original artwork; she did not miss one item I requested when I emailed her what I was looking to create. She is truly talented and makes the whole process simple for the client. The quality of creativity and delivery from GC is beyond comparison. I cannot wait to work with her again...and continue to send her my challenging ideas"


“I can’t even imagine working on a project ‘without’ GCI. I’ve worked with them for over 8 years, and they’ve consistently guided our business in a professional, creative manner that has been instrumental with all of our clients. Thank you, GCI, for your partnership!”

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