Elevate your live meetings with enduring digital content that's engaging and shareable

Live meetings are coming back (phew!), but digital is here to stay!

  • Offer your attendees a digital alternative 

  • Share enduring educational content that is branded, interactive and engaging

  • Update content in real-time and re-share link anytime


And as always, we have your live meetings covered too:

  • Meeting theme and design

  • Presentation design specializing in highly visualized content

  • Banners and signage

  • Social media campaigns


Take your business to a new dimension!

Bring your content to life in a virtual setting! Create interactive experiences, virtual tours, and much more. Our 3D virtual tours can help you create better user experiences and generate revenue. With the ability to embed a wide range of content in a creative way, our 360° virtual guided experiences are an interactive, easy, and fun way to showcase your space or product! They can be used to detail actual buildings or landscape or take a more conceptual approach to show off your company's capabilities or even use it as an educational platform. The possibilities are endless!  


It's the perfect platform to show the world your:

  • Office space

  • Lab facility

  • Meeting and conference site

  • Township map

  • Country club

  • School campus

Can also be designed more conceptually for:

  • Team-building initiatives that connect teams working from 
    different locations

  • Scientific poster exhibits

  • Training and onboarding

  • Special events

  • E-learning

  • And much more!

GCI's Virtual Tour

Reinvent the way you engage with your audience!


Transform your collateral into visual, interactive, measurable and easily digestible content with Web Publications. 

Web publications are media-rich, interactive, online sales and marketing collateral that readers can connect and engage with on any device. They're different from websites because they are intended to feature one initiative that deserves a stage of its own. Web publications keep users on their journey as opposed to websites which are flooded with content. They're hosted on a dedicated URL which makes sharing them simple and quick while streamlining the content into its own space. They can replace or complement your PDFs with visually-compelling, multi-media publications. Drive user engagement, boost sales, and generate leads with content that catches attention!


  • Brochures

  • Newsletters

  • Event invites

  • Meeting follow-ups

  • Sales rewards programs

  • Product catalogs

  • Monographs

  • Infographics/presentations

  • And much more!

Let GCI power up your next project with a web publication!  

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