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360° Virtual Experiences


Bring your content to life in a virtual setting with our 360° interactive experiences! Create better user experiences and generate revenue through engaging content that is sustainable. With the ability to embed a wide range of content in a creative way, our 360° virtual guided experiences are an interactive, easy, and fun way to showcase your space or product! 


It's the perfect platform to show the world your:

  • Office space

  • Lab facility

  • Meeting and conference site

  • Township map

  • Country club

  • School campus

Can also be designed more conceptually for:

  • Team-building initiatives that connect teams working
    rom different locations

  • Scientific poster exhibits

  • Training and onboarding

  • Unique enduring content/Post-meeting 

  • Special events

  • E-learning

  • And much more!


Here's what we do:

  • Shoot on location or create your unique virtual room

  • Brand it

  • Populate it with your content–photos, videos, links, etc.

  • Provide a secure domain or use yours 

  • Create a share image and link for your dissemination

  • Make live edits/update content so it's an enduring,
    sustainable asset

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Web Publications 


Replace your stagnant print collateral with exciting interactive, measurable and easily digestible content that won't break your budget. 

Web publications are media-rich, interactive, online sales and marketing collateral that readers can connect and engage with on any device. They're different from websites because they are intended to feature one initiative that deserves a stage of its own. Web publications keep users on their journey as opposed to websites which are flooded with content. They're hosted on a dedicated URL which makes sharing them simple and quick while streamlining the content into its own space. They can replace or complement your PDFs with visually-compelling, multi-media publications. Drive user engagement, boost sales, and generate leads with content that catches attention!


  • Brochures

  • Newsletters

  • Event invites

  • Meeting follow-ups

  • Sales rewards programs

  • Product catalogs

  • Monographs

  • Infographics/presentations

  • And much more!

Let GCI power up your next project with a web publication!  

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